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You need graphical peacocking

graphical peacocking |unique graphical elements for your website
Graphical peacocking is the use of outlandish or outrageous unique graphical elements on a website to attract the attention of visitors on the site and remain memorable after they have moved on. Let Clickalytic help you with your graphical peacocking.

Every website needs some graphical peacocking

Ever landed on a website and it feels like you’ve been there before, but you know you could not have been? You are not quite sure what it is... it is just a general sameness and bland appearance that almost offends the eye. The site has no soul and the experience leaves you feeling empty and you leave it as soon as you can find the back button: probably to fill the hole in your soul with some chocolate, or some pics of baby kittens on someone else’s website. Something, anything, that just feels ...better.

Reasons why websites might not appeal visually

There are several reasons why the site be so offensively insipid...

  • The icons are externally served from a generic repository and you find them on each and every site you visit.
  • The colouring is just not quite according to the company branded colours.
  • There are no graphical elements that break op the visual monotony of seas of text.
  • The icons do not correspond to the visual language of the page.
  • Nothing grabs your eye or your attention, like a peacock would attract its mate.

Externally served generic icons

There are several cloud delivery networks which host generic icons. When a visitor to a site opens a web page, these generic icons are normally shown from a very fast server. This helps reduce the data load from the host page and a site can be sure that these icons load fast. The problem is, everyone uses these same icons. This is not a problem if it is supposed to be the same, icons for Facebook, Google, etc, but if you want to stand out and be visible, you can’t hide in a crowd of Bafana-bafana supporters wearing a yellow jersey. You need unique graphical elements that are tailor-made for your business to elicit the response you desire and makes you stand out.

Graphical elements as visual language

Graphical elements are a major component of the visual language of a website. They can convey different emotions and imbue your site with a different vibe.  Along with the colour pallet, they set the mood of your site and evoke an emotional response. If the site is supposed to be funky, you can include unusual elements that excite. It the site is supposed to be modern and sleek, stripped down and uniquely minimalist icons might be more suitable. Just be sure to use something that stands out and has some punch!

But graphics still need to be utilitarian. You can use a stylish custom made icon as a button, but it must be clear to the user that it is supposed to be pressed or clicked. This is especially true on mobile websites where text is passé and people expect to be able to press on anything that looks remotely like an icon.

Include bespoke graphical elements in your website design

If you want to make sure your site is unique and conveys a feeling that is just right, make sure your website design team includes unusual and tailor-made graphical elements.  One instance of graphical peacocking is enough.  The other elements can be very subtle, and not all elements need to wow.  As a whole, they should leave your visitors with an emotional connection, even if they do not know why.

Our graphic design team at Clickalytic can create original and made-to-order graphical website elements to spice up your site.  Talk to an artist today.


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