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Website design trends for 2018

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The next website design inspiration for your business?

Shutterstock has released their assessment of visual trends for 2018 and it can be a useful trigger for ideas for your your next website design. They determine this from the billions of image searches conducted on their vast repository of images and it can be an accurate reflection of the Zeitgeist. Of course this is dominated by international tastes and interests (Ramaphosa or Zuma did not make the list), but South Africa has proved to be a fast follower in most things digital. Most of the sites we see are international anyway, so these trends and predictions should hold for South Africa as well.

Here are the top trends for the coming year predicted by Shutterstock.


From unicorns fighting mermaids to knights of the round troll farm, fantasy in all forms and shapes are front and centre. My daughters love unicorns, and ice-cream, maybe not in that order, but the worlds loves fantasy. I guess it is better than the brutalism of modern true tales witnessed on the news everyday. Expect to see fantasy characters in most of the insurance ads this year: perhaps a satisfied customer, or an honest assessor.

New minimalism

This is largely driven by smart phones where data is still at a premium and screens are too small too have too much happening to distract the viewer. It goes beyond just clean and crisp lines with elements such as continuous line art (A graphic image drawn with a single continuous line) becoming key in designs.


Our universe is so full of amazing and wondrous things, and modern imaging methods have made these accessible to view, that it would be silly not to incorporate the fantastic images in our website designs. Space, planets, nebula and rockets are all great sources of eye candy. No further motivation required, sit back and enjoy the visuals.

Natural luxury

Natural luxury is basically unusual views of natural objects: close up views of marble surfaces, or aerial views of deserts, which all create striking visual patterns.  They can be used as useful design elements in your website design such as backgrounds or banners behind text.

Punchy pastels

A modern take on neon colours of the eighties toned down by going pastel.

Woman power

Strike a woman and you strike a rock. In all things visual women are displayed as strong, and in equitable numbers which in many areas society still aspires to.


Pictures of cactuses, why? Why was there a trend of ‘keep calm and carry on’? Perhaps we can have other more local pics doing the same job. Line art of proteas anyone?

Digital crafts

A slight rebellion against the mass production and sameness of everything everywhere, digified pictures of old arts and crafts are appearing in all sorts of unexpected places. Your grandmothers knitting skills, at least pictures of knitwear and material, are making a comeback. I think it precedes a much deeper rejection of conformity and globalisation and will further drive hyper personalisation and localisation. Don’t wear a brand, be a brand!

Ancient geometrics

It wasn’t long ago when adult colouring books with geometric patterns were prescribed as stress relieving activities. Now those pictures find themselves as important visual elements in many advertisements.

Crypto currency

The bubble is yet to burst in the visual word and people are still searching for any visual element along with their pro crypto currency sermons. I expect to see searches of pyramids and the word Ponzi to start dominating searches for visual elements used in website design soon.

Holographic foil

Remember those pictures in the eighties where you had to stare into the background to have a 3D picture suddenly pop out at you? The trend is now being incorporated in images that appear to be aluminium foil reflecting neon signs. What? Expect some vertigo, confusion and retina burns at your nearest hospital soon if many incorporate this in their website design.

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