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Pay Per Click advertising is like rocket science

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A Pay Per Click specialist does not have to be a rocket scientist to optimize your digital marketing campaigns, but it helps.

In first year physics we had a rather eccentric lecturer.  Apart from his Popeye haircut, he was especially well known for some rumored nuclear reactor powering a NASA space probe, and his fiendish multiple choice questions.  One started out with ‘You are making tea for your mom.  There is a knock at the front door.  Do you add the milk to the tea now?’

Apart from the set-up being completely implausible (If the electric fence and the guard dog didn’t get the visitor, if they reached the front door, the knock was probably made with a gun barrel), the question seems completely existentialist.  If I were the milk, would I want to become one with the tea?

As we covered the entire physics spectrum in what felt like a semester, it wasn’t even clear what branch of science the question was referring to.  Something from Relativity?  Clearly not Electromagnetism, or Particle Dynamics. Surely not Rocket Science!

The only possible answer options were ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  Thus binary.  Maybe computer science? Statistical thermodynamics?  You do have a 50% chance after all to get it right.

The answer was ‘yes’.  The given answer assumed that the same amount of milk would be added whether you added it before or after you were mugged (whoohoo, a pun!).  Adding it before you stared down death, would mean the tea would be hotter on your return from your victory (cold things cool down more slowly, you see).  You optimized the temperature in this scenario.  If you wanted to reduce the amount of milk you added to get to a drinkable temperature, you would add it afterwards.  If your assailant turned out to be unarmed, and your death battle lasted long enough, you might not have to add any milk to the tea at all when you get back!  Score! Grocery bill shrunk!

It is clear that you have to know what parameter you are optimizing as the solution could be completely different for different target parameters.  It is the same in digital marketing when running online Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.  Always remember that you want to increase your return on advertising spend, not necessarily reduce your Cost Per Click or increase your total traffic.

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