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New Year’s resolution for your business website

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Make a New Year's resolution for your business website

Just like we sometimes let ourselves go a little through the year, we tend to do the same with our websites. As the end of the year approaches, we then normally make a New Year's resolution to lose some weight, start exercising, make more time for family and friends and finally invest some time in improving ourselves. Now is the ideal time for you to make the equivalent New Year’s resolutions for your business’s website and overall online presence.

Most people set up a website once and then forget about it. That is until business starts to drop off and when they take a look at their site again they realise it looks dated and the information on it is just wrong. Here are some New Year’s resolutions for your business’s online presence.

Update all your business information

Every year you will get some operational surprises in your business. Staff leave, you change service provider for your telecoms, or you might even have moved to new premises. All these changes will need to be reflected on your website so that your prospective customers can still get hold of you. Your website should always be up to date as it is the real time face of your business. Also make it as easy as possible for people to contact to ensure you get all the new business you can.

Expand your site

As your business expands, your business website should also expand. Add the necessary pages that describe the new services or products that you might be offering. You might also have gotten some rave reviews from clients through the year or won some industry award or recognition. Show off a little and add articles or blurbs about them on your site. You can also get some extra mileage from your social responsibility spend by showing off a little. Show those happy faces when you planted trees at your local school or

Zhoosh up your look

Regular visitors to your site will become bored if always stays the same. Just like a lick of paint makes a big difference to the look of a house, you can spruce up the look of your website with minor changes having big impacts. Replace dated graphical elements with fresh elements that are on trend. Change your colour palette and tweak your font selections. Without changing actual written content, you can change layout. Animating old graphical elements will definitely zhoosh up your website’s look.

Create fresh content

That advertisement for your Valentine's day 2018 promotion or your article making predictions that the Kardashians will finally go off the air in 2018 now only makes your site look dated and uncared for. Prospective clients will see that you don’t pay attention to detail and call your company’s overall abilities into question. They won’t contact you to help you put things right. They will just move on and you have lost a client forever. Update your content or trim those things that are no no longer required. Create a plan to ad regular and relevant posts on your site and social media.

Start advertising online

Your site might be languishing in the doldrums of the search results pages. Start advertising your business and get onto the front page of the search results. It’s never too late to start advertising on Google and Facebook. Let Clickalytic take the pain our of your online advertising and let us set-up and manage your advertising campaigns.

Remove dead links and link to more relevant content

There are bound to be dead links on your site. You might have linked to a Bitcoin site that is now defunct or moved your about us page to a completely new section. Having links on your site that don’t work cause frustrated clients and lost business.  Update or remove all those unsightly dead links.

Make your site more search engine friendly

Make sure all your meta data in your pages are up to date. Add all those descriptions and alt tags to images that you were always too lazy to do and make sure your snippets that will display in search engines have advertising copy that is still impactful and relevant.  If your site is search engine friendly, in time you should start moving up the ranks.


Let us a Clickalytic give your website that fresh look and new start in 2019. Contact Clickalytic to create a new website from scratch for your business, or help you manage impactful and cost effective online advertising campaigns.