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5 Tips for Voice SEO

tips for voice search SEO

Search Engine Optimisation for Voice Searches

Voice search is important due to an exponential growth in digital AI assistants sprouting from smart speakers. Voice search is also the easiest method to use on mobile phones as well. Optimise your website to tap into voice search, or you will miss out on this trend, and an important line on new customers.

Here are 5 tips to make your site feature better for voice searches:

Use the right language style

When you write for voice searches, you need to consider the actual way people talk. Optimise the content on your website to answer actual questions people will ask.  Write content in the way searchers will say it, rather than loading up on keywords that might be typed during a keyword search on Google. Your content should be geared towards medium and long phrases, as much as keywords.

Answer the right kinds of questions

You want voice assistants to consider serving up your answers on your site to questions, so you need to know how people are asking their questions.  Scrape Google’s People Also Ask to help you understand what and how your customers are asking for your products, so you are the one providing these answers.

Semantic search

Semantic search means that a search engine algorithm wants to understand a searcher’s intent through its contextual meaning. Google CEO Sundar Pichai even mentioned during the Google Assistant reveal, “We think of it [Google Assistant] as a conversational assistant; we want users to have an ongoing two-way dialogue.”  This means that your site would need to be able to provide natural follow-on questions and their answers as well.  This will ensure that your site provides sufficient context to understand the corresponding questions and also to form the basis of a natural conversation.

Local is lekker

People tend to use voice search to determine where they should go.  If you own the best hair dressing salon in Sunridge Park, it is a no-brainer to optimise your location content for Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth.  When people ask for a ‘hair salon near me’, you will ideally be the destination served up by Google.  Also try to anticipate the way the locals would ask the questions and expect it to be answered in natural language.

Mobile rules the world

Despite the rise of the robot speaker assistant, voice searches are still primarily carried out on mobile devices.  It is therefore imperative that your site is mobile friendly.  Google also tends to read the first ‘feature snippet’ or ‘answer box’ in the search engine results page and it is therefore important that you rank well on mobile to be considered as the preferred voice answer.

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