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Search Engine Optimization for voice search

Search engine optimization for voice search and digital assistants

The robots are coming… and we are going to control them with our voices.

Voice search utilizing the various Digital Assistants, such as Alexa and Siri, is growing at a phenomenal rate.  Android is by far the largest mobile operating system in South Africa and OK Google reigns supreme here.  This will have a serious impact on Search Engine optimization.  How this will be monetized by the search engines is not as clear.  You cannot place a paid for ad next to a speech bubble.

When people ask for their closest Chinese restaurant, the Digital Assistant will have to spit out, ‘Oriental Garden’.  It cannot recite a list of paid ads first because no-one will want to listen to something so intrusive.  It can’t refer you to one halfway across town either, just because they paid, say, Google.  People will know there has to be one closer and they will move on to a better service that can tell them who that is.    Pay per click advertising could also become less effective.  This means that your website must be set up so that the algorithms will spit out your company’s name next time someone searches for their closest Chinese restaurant. That’s if you’re Oriental Garden, off course.

Voice impact on keywords for Search Engine Optimization

You need keywords for how people like to phrase questions out loud.  You have to understand the search terms consumers are most likely to use in conversation as you can no longer simply target a specific keyword.  Your website’s contents need to be more complex, ready to answer the questions that your users have.

Good news for small companies and their Search Engine Optimization

Local searches are more popular than ever  in voice searches. Consequently, consumers are more frequently using searches like, “restaurants near me.”  This is great for the small business as their chances of competing with global companies on a hyper local scale is so much better.  It becomes very important to verify up-to-date location, hours, phone numbers and other data that will be relevant for local searchers.

Is your website optimized for the wave of voice searches coming soon to a smart phone near you?  We can help with Search Engine Optimization specifically geared towards voice search.  Contact us at Clickalytic today.


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