Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO powers businesses

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If you are a small business struggling to be found in local search results, it is important to understand what local SEO is and how your organisation can benefit from it.

Punch above your weight. Compete locally!

There is a local demand for your products and services. If you do not actively target it, your business will continue to battle to find the customer that you need. That is someone interested in your product, when they are interested, and actually able to access that product.  Local SEO let’s small businesses compete locally with large companies as they can better serve those local needs.

You must optimise your local SEO and you can:

  • improve your local rankings in search results
  • boost your visibility
  • capitalise on audiences locally

It is a good marketing strategy to target specific locals

Good marketing does not aim to reach all potential audiences. It is geared towards a specific target market with an active interest in your services or products. Target a defined geographic and specific customer with local SEO. You want to access local people with immediate needs and a strong intent to purchase.

Target mobile first

From the latest stats, more than 74% of unique browsers in South Africa are on mobile. They will use these devices to search for local businesses, exactly at the time they have a need. Local SEO is extremely important for mobile and this should become a priority for any business. If your page is not mobile device friendly, Google will penalise your ranking or even discard you from mobile results altogether. Ouch.

Rank for the right keyword

If people are going to search for ‘pap’ or ‘braaivleis’, don’t call it ‘grits’ and ‘BBQ’, unless you want to be plagued by overseas customers trying to order your delicious food to be delivered in Wyoming.

On-page SEO is crucial

Apart from a good solid SEO basis in content and meta information, include location, product and service terms and a reason to choose you. Your mobile rankings will thank you.

Google My Business is paramount

Google My Business will help create high-quality back-links, citations, and create incentives to get more positive reviews. Local reviews help in establishing credibility and a sense of community.  You can even appear on local Google maps mahala!

Authoritative local websites links

Google still uses links to your site as a signal for ranking in search results. The more links and the higher the quality of those links to your site, the better you will rank. Claim your local business listings, and add yourself to local directories.  Try for your business to be mentioned on other websites. Although there might not be links, it still helps in demonstrating your business as an authority in the area.

Be Consistent across platforms

Your business information needs to be consistent across all platforms.  Business hours, office location, telephone numbers etc. have to be the same.  Google knows all and if it doesn’t know which of the contradicting information to serve, it will negatively impact your appearance to the customer. Being served contradicting information could be worse than no information at all.

With all these things in place, you stand a much better chance to be noticed by the customers in your area. Clickalytic can implement the correct marketing strategy with the tools to back it up. Contact Clickalytic for a on-line advertising consultation today.