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Google Adwords advertising gets you to the top of the pile, guaranteed. We will set up and manage your online advertising campaign for your business.  With us it's hassle-free, and you know it will be optimized by experts.
We also do Search Engine Optimization so that your website improves on the free search results.
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What is Google Adwords advertising?

 Google Adwords advertising is a form of Pay-per-click (PPC) internet marketing.   Your ad is displayed alongside relevant search results and your campaign can be structured to target a specific market on a predetermined pay-as-you-go budget. You only pay for actual traffic diverted to your site making this type of advertising flexible and affordable.

PPC is useful whether you are only starting out, running a special, or simply just want more people to see you. We make it easy for you. We will set-up and run your once-off or ongoing campaigns for you.

Online advertising cost monitoring internet marketing

Finally you can justify your advertising expenses with proof of performance.

With Google Adwords advertising, and the relevant tracking and Analytics enabled on your site, you can:

  • Budget accurately. You set your daily budget. Never go over your monthly advertising budget again.
  • Target accurately. Choose the customers you want. Target demographics and geographical areas.
  • Report accurately. Know exactly how many visitors became leads. Receive professional reports .
  • Calculate accurately. Know exactly what your leads cost.

With us you will get the best bang for your buck.

Ad campaigns are dynamic. Even with the best keyword research and initial selection, they require continual analysis and tweaking. Get the clients you want, and the clients that want you. Don’t pay for clicks that won’t be converted to actionable business opportunities. Best of all, add intelligence to that monthly ad spend. Know who came to your site, why and whether they really presented an opportunity for a sale. We provide detailed professional reports enabling management to make informed marketing decisions.

Don't waste your advertising budget.  Let us optimise your Google Adwords advertising campaign.

Google adwords and analytics certified

We are Google Adwords & Analytics certified!


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Don't let your business disappear online

If you feel your business is disappearing in the millions of web searches performed every day and you need to do something to reach potential customers, then you have come to the right place.

The modern marketplace is crowded and competition is fierce. At Clickalytic we know that your business needs every competitive advantage to stand out and be trusted online.

We keep your business up to date with the latest in rapidly evolving online advertising technologies to give you the edge over your competition. Our customized services will provide your business with cost effective advertising options to reach your specified target market, leading to increased sales at a lowered cost.

We can give your business the tools and expertise it needs to effectively advertise online and expand your customer base. Whether you are big or small, you deserve a professional online presence and an impactful online advertising service. Try us, we never turn down a challenge.

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We design websites and can make an ad-specific page for you.

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