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How do I turn my hobby into an online shop?

Online shop handcrafted products

I want to start my dream business, an online shop!

The world is moving to hyper customization.  People are tired of the same generic mass produced cooky-cutter products that are flooding the world from low cost manufacturing destinations. People want something that is unique, makes them feel apart of something, and that they can all their own. They want to feel that no-one has the same beautiful special thing they have or can compare to their own exquisite taste! They want unique products handcrafted with love.  Bespoke products for incomparable people.  They want it now, and they want to buy it from your online shop.

Your hobby can fill that niche market. If you make things that are completely original or customized to a specific customer, you could be sitting on a gold mine! Turn your products that you lovingly crafted into an online business. Depending on what your ambitions are, it can be just to cover your own costs (some hobbies can be expensive, as you sure might know!), or you grow it as much as your own time allows. Online shops can scale to any size you can handle!

Where do I start with my online shop?

Say I wanted to turn my jewelery hobby into a full time business, where would I begin? How I would I do it? What are the things I would need to consider?

It needn’t feel overwhelming. You only need a few basic things and you could be selling your delightful products over the internet tomorrow!

  1. Custom products that will fill a need in the market.  Unique, customized and beautiful products will always have a market. When you dispatch the sold items, also give the wrapping and packaging the personal touch.  People will love the experience and come back for more.
  2. A website with a shop front.  Your own website will offer the goods and display them to their best advantage. You can make the shop look and shopping experience exactly as you want it.  Your customers will appreciate seeing the real you in your shop and your products.
  3. Easy online electronic payment method.  The online shop must also have an easy way of concluding a transaction. As friction-less as possible. If people leave your site without buying your product, the need to buy will probably pass and you would have lost the sale. Your site must integrate with a trusted online payment method so people can use credit and debit cards with confidence, immediately.
  4. An integrated marketing plan.  You must have an integrated plan that covers online advertising, social media, and good old pestering. All the different channels must be coherent in look and message and cross pollinate their traffic. Read more about Clickalytic’s marketing advice for small businesses here.
  5. Create a personal connection.  Let people connect to you. As much as you sell unique products, you are selling your unique and incomparable story. Tell it, and own your own special life. Share it with people, and they will become your friends.  That makes for return customers.
  6. Speak or write about your hobby.  Hobby related how-to topics, historical perspectives, or compelling stories are all of interest to enthusiasts. Describe your specific hobby projects, and people will love to buy the end result. They will also appreciate it so much more if they know how much thought and effort you put into it.  People pay for perceived value. Tell them, then maybe hike your price.

It is sometimes a bit overwhelming setting up a website that offers secure payment. If want to start your own unique online shop, let Clickalytic help you set up your dream website with integrated shop. Sell your handcrafted products through your own online store.  Start your dream business today!