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Top 5 Reasons businesses use pay-per-click ads

Top 5 reasons business should use PPC

Here are the top 5 reasons why small businesses should consider using pay-per-click ads.

  • You have a website, but you do not appear on the first page of Google search results.

    If your site isn’t on the first page of search results, for most people, your business might as well not exist.  By using pay-per-click ads you can guarantee that your site will appear on the first page of the search results, improving your visibility and increasing your traffic.

  • You have a limited advertising budget.  

    Small budgets can still go a long way on the internet.  Compared to traditional media you will get much more bang for your buck!  And you will have granular control over spend. You can set specific budgets according to your own affordability and cash-flow.  You can pause or resume advertising instantaneously as your needs change.  Getting too busy, pause your campaign. Getting a bit too quiet, boost your spend.

  • You supply a niche product.

    If your product is very niche, it would make no sense to pay a lot to advertise to a broad and general audience. You will never get a return.  But if your ad is shown only to people when they are searching for your product specifically, you know they have an interest in it, no matter how niche it is! Then it is just a matter of capturing their attention and making the sale. With PPC, you only display your ads to people who will really be interested in your niche product.  Don’t waste your money on people that won’t even notice your ad!

  • You want measurable feedback on your advertising spend.

    When advertising in newspapers or brochures, you have no idea how many people actually saw your ad, never mind whether they were remotely interested in what you were selling.  Using PPC ads you will know exactly how many times your ad was shown, and how many of those people were interested enough to click on your ad.  If you include the proper tracking, you can also measure how many of those people were converted to actual paying customers.  Your cost of customer acquisition will be known exactly.  You can then backup your advertising budget with exact figures and returns on your advertising spend.  Once you prove how effective your sales campaigns are, you will never have to justify your budget.  The figures will do it for you!

  • People are searching for your product, but they do not know that your business can supply it.

    You can create specific ads for specific products or keywords. Advertise those slow moving stock items that people won’t think you have and watch them fly out of the store.

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