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The top 7 methods to increase your online visibility

Online vsibility-Clickalytic helps you bee different

No one is visiting my site! What can I do to improve my online visibility?

Even if you have a nice online presence, it is always tough to get people to visit your website. Especially if you are a new business with a nice new shiny website, you still may be virtually invisible to people searching your products. Don’t despair. Here at Clickalytic we know how to get you the webtraffic you need.

Here are the top 7 methods to increase your online visibility and increase the number of people going to your site.

  • Advertise online

    The one sure way to appear on a Google or Bing search results page is unfortunately to pay. You can however ensure that you pay the least amount possible by having an optimised advertising campaign and linked website.

  • Improve ranking on search engines.

    Search engine optimisation is a must. If it is easy for Google to ingest your site and has all the relevant content, it is more likely to be shown to people searching online.

  • Get links to your site.

    Affiliate marketing, a presence on various listing pages, or just links from other people who like your site creates path people can follow to your web pages.  It is also still a major ranking factor Google uses to decide where you feature in the search results.

  • Create a newsletter

    A newsletter with interesting content sent to people who have- or are known to be interested in your service or product is a nice way to nudge clients back to your site. Also give people every opportunity to sign up to a newsletter.  Rewarding them with a free download or discount on their next purchase is a nice way to compensate people for trusting their personal information to you. Don’t abuse it and don't turn into a spammer!

  • Improve your social presence

    Engage your potential customers with content and discussions that are interesting and relevant to them. Always add links to where you can convert this interest into business, whether it is an online shop or just a contact page. Turn their interest into action.

  • Create compelling content

    If people like what they see on your site, and if they feel emotionally invested in what happens there, they will come back again and again. A blog discussing new products or happenings in your industry is a must. Keep things relevant! Be sure to update the content regularly and keep things fresh.

  • Old media

    When you use old media such as newspaper or radio to advertise, always be sure to add appropriate links back to web landing pages so you can track the efficacy of these campaigns. It will also add traffic to your site, making you more likely to appear higher in online search results.

Clickalytic is an online advertising agency that can help you generate a comprehensive marketing strategy ensuring your business will never disappear online. Be different! Be visible! Be found!  Contact us today.


Clickalytic-stand out from the crowd, even if you have to use stilts

Be different!

Your branding and your message must ensure that you stand out from your competitors.  Peacock if you have to.

Be visible!

Your site needs to be visible on-line showing off your businesses as best you can.  It's crowded out there.  Stand on stilts if you need to.

Be found!

Create paths to your site and supply compelling reasons for people to visit your site.  Everybody loves a freebee.  Give the people what they want.