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Pay Per Click advertising’s most valuable keywords

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Google Adwords Online Advertising campaigns

In targeting your Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns, it is useful to know the most searched keywords, and what the most expensive average Cost Per Click is you can expect to pay.

The most searched terms in South Africa were recently released by Google.  The top honour belonged to Dumi Masilela.  I can understand why; if I am anything to go by, the rest of the country also needed a Google search to know who this is.

In the ‘near me’ category, surprisingly, KFC did not top the list. I guess people must already know where their closest chicken franchise is located. Or they really are more interested in finding their closest dentist (nr 2 on the list) .  If you need a dentist, you need him now!

There is also no correlation between the most searched terms and the costliest Google Adwords, unless it’s an inverse correlation.  In a different recent report, the costliest average click price was reached in the car insurance industry, coming in  at a pricey R103.83.

Moving and Pest control came in at 4 and 5 on the list, respectively.  Maybe there is some internal coherence in the list at least; if you have a serious pest infestation, it’s probably easier to move than sort it out with clouds of noxious gas.

Pay per click marketers are more liked than lawyers

The average cost per click (CPC) for a Lawyer (R22.88) came in ‘way’ above that of a Marketer (R22.28).  What this all means for the average Pay Per Click practitioner is a bit more heartening. It costs a lawyer more to market herself than a digital marketer! Meaning we are probably more liked than the average lawyer.  There must be a joke in there somewhere:  A lawyer, a marketer and a shark walk into a bar…

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