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Google is king of the Adblockers

Adblockers wild fire pay per click advertising

Google is blocking ads now

Adblockers are spreading like wildfire and it is changing the world we line in.  According to a PageFair report, 11% of the global internet population is blocking ads on the web.  This is up 30% from the year before and there is no end to this blaze in sight.

People who are making money from display ads are facing an existentialist crisis.  Even though Google is making most of its money from advertising, it too is entering the fray.  From 15 February 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will block some ads out-of-the-box, whether you have a separate adblocker installed or not.  Adblocker is a bit of misnomer in this case: it won’t block all ads.  It’ s more of selective ad display technology showing you all the ads it wants you to see.  And obliterating the ones it doesn’t want you to see.  At the moment those are the most annoying advertisements that don’t comply with the Better Ads Standards.  Such as pop-ups, ads that play unexpected sounds, or flash like a 7os disco, etc.  Whether it will be used in future to fight corporate battles or perform a little light censorship is anybody’s guess.

Its a preventative step by Google to dissuade people from using adblockers that can block everything. Even Google’s ads that it display along with its search results.  Once the majority of web users have those nasty adblockers installed, Google would be facing bankruptcy and would have to reinvent its entire business model.

Adblockers’ impacts on advertisers

It’s not all bad news for advertisers.  Your Pay Per Click ads (such as Google Adwords) will still be displayed when Google’s ‘adblocker’ hits Chrome, and you will still only pay for actual ads displayed and clicked on.  For the browsers that use the total adblockers, your ads will become invisible.  For this ever growing share of the market you will have to ensure that your Search Engine Optimization is top notch so that you will figure in the actual organic search results in a position where people will be able to find you .  Maximize your Pay per Click advertising now to help entrench your position at the top of the search results.  If the total blocking adblockers become ubiquitous, it will become so much harder for new entrants to feature just by spending more on ads.