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Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face

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Optimization of Pay Per Click costs

In the search for optimization of Pay Per Click or online advertising costs, increasing click-through rates and driving down the Cost Per Click, it can become easy to forget the real objective of your ad:  landing new business.

One technique employed to reduce unwanted click-throughs is making sure that your ad does not show up along clearly unwanted searches, or displays to a demographic that you are not targeting.  For instance, if you are opening a new gourmet restaurant catering to your cats and their friends, you might not want your ad for this restaurant to show up next to a search for the urban myth about cats being served as food at certain Asian restaurants.  It might put of you, or your cat, off your lunch, depending on who read the ad.

Setting up keywords

You can do this (among other things) by carefully selecting keywords, including which keywords to exclude.  However, you need to take great care during this process as you might end up excluding large portions of your potential market.  If you excluding all ‘Cats’ + ‘Restaurant’, it may result in your ad probably never being shown!

This reminds me of the silly joke:

     A father to his son: ‘Son, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face!’

     ‘ That’s easy for you to say’, replied Edward Scissorhands, while putting on his make-up.

When you set up your keyword rules for a new Pay Per Click advertising campaign, make sure you exclude all the searches you don’t want, but only the searches and demographics you are sure you don’t want.  New business can sometimes come from the most unexpected sources.  If not, you may end up cutting off your own nose.

Let Clickalytic manage your Pay Per Click campaign for you.  We promise we won’t get anywhere near your nose!

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