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Online advertising strategy for small businesses

Online advertising strategy for small business

Online advertising strategy

Any small business should have an integrated online advertising strategy covering several areas of attack.  As the online market can be very fractured and niche, you should be able to target several different audiences and communication channels. All marketing efforts should, however, still be integrated, coherent and consistent. Do not limit your reach by focusing on only one area.

So where do I start with my online advertising strategy?  A basic online marketing plan must have a few elements:

A modern website

Get a professional and modern website. Any new business needs a website that is representative of the company. It is a ticket to the game and without it, you have no chance of converting the millions of users looking for the services and products you offer every day. As a minimum, it should be the authorative source of any information a customer requires about you and your product. It should also be a way to generate leads, and drive visitors to become new customers.

Professional Facebook profile

Create a Facebook profile for your company that is well branded and informative. Facebook is a way to engage customers in a non-threatening way. Use it to advertise your latest blog, tell people about your specials, or inform them of fun and interesting things, RELEVANT TO YOUR Business. Keep up awareness of your online presence with regular posts, but also keep on driving traffic to where interest can be converted to sales, such as on your website.

Online search advertising

The most important factor for getting your new business known and feet to your store (virtual or otherwise) is to advertise. A new website, even with the best SEO, content and products, will still feature way down the Google search results. If you advertise using Google Adwords, a form of pay per click advertising, you will immediately become visible to customers and start converting viewers to customers. Once you drive traffic and show to Google your site is worth visiting, you should start to climb the rankings in the generic search results too.

Customer behaviour measurement and monitoring

Use systems and methods that are non-intrusive to track your visitors such as Google Analytics, Adwords and Mailchimp. A treasure trove of information becomes available which will allow you to see what targeting or advertising methods work best for attracting visitors and converting them to customers. This enables your business to target the customers you want in the most efficient manner. See where, when and how many times your ads are displayed. Once people click on your ads, know how many actually contact you or purchase product from your online store. Understand where most of your online customers come from. See how many people view your newsletter, what they click on, and how much traffic it generates. All this information will let you know how to get more customers and how do it at the best price.


Email newsletters are still a way to keep contact with existing customers and driving future business. Sometimes previous customers just need a small reminder of your service or product to turn them into return business. A good newsletter as part of an integrated marketing effort might be just they way to do it. If you previously gave customers good service and a great product, they will most likely return if they need something similar.

Don’t send thousands of emails to addresses you culled from many sources. Contacting people you’ve not had dealings with in the past will most likely let your newsletter end up being flagged as spam. Even if you contact past customers only, you might still end up in the spam folder, but there might be sufficient return business to make it worthwhile. You need to measure and monitor all contact to make that decision.

Don’t spread yourself too thinly

Limit communication channels to those you can manage to keep lively and engaging.  Outdated or low activity channels create a bad impression and should be avoided.

Cross pollinate

Your entire marketing effort should form part of a holistic online advertising strategy.  Your company presence and communication should be consistent across all platforms, and all your actions should be designed to drive people down the decision making funnel to where you turn a visitor into a customer.

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