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Inherent conflict in online advertising when using Google Adwords advertising

Google has great client service for their online advertising clients.  If you are running a Google Adwords advertising campaign, Google might contact you and advise you on Adwords keywords that you have missed and that could add to your bevy of targets.   (You don’t make $26 billion by sitting on your hands.) This is, of course, to increase the number of imprints or times the ad is displayed.  You might even get more clicks, but you have to remember that there is an inherent conflict between what the small business owner wants, and what Google wants.

Google wants you to display your ad as many times as possible to as many people that might remotely be interested in your product. This is how they rake in the bucks. You probably only want people who are really interested in your product or service, and would be a realistic client.

Correct geographical and demographic targeting

If you are an ice-cream parlor that also delivers soft serves, you probably don’t want to deliver to customers that are further that 1 kilometer away. Unless you want to serve them puddles.  Google will gladly show your ad to that gentleman in Mongolia thirsting for your soft serve, but your chances of converting him to paying client, is probably the same as actually going to Mongolia tomorrow.  Possible, but not likely.

If you are predominantly serving children, you probably also don’t want your ad to be shown when someone searches for intimate or pornographic uses for ice-cream. ( I can’t think what those might be…)  Although an interesting sub-demographic, probably not your key target market.

This is where geographical and even demographic targeting in your Google Adwords advertising campaign comes in. Get the right customer and in the right location to click on your ads. You do this by selecting the right settings in your campaign and keywords manager.

Using negative keywords in Google Adwords are important

But do not forget about negative keywords. Those are real bows in your arrow. Do you have people who Google your business, only to ask you for a job, or training opportunity? You may not be able to completely avoid that sort of attention, but you can make sure you don’t serve an ad to someone when they are googling “your business service” and “job”. At least you don’t have to pay for someone who has no intention of becoming your client.

This is why it is a full time job to make sure that you use the appropriate keywords.  The actual searches that find your business by your chosen keywords will surprise you.   It is important to exclude searches that might be peripherally related, but will not bring you business.  Your overall number of imprints might go down, but your click-through rate of people actually wanting your service will improve. This will improve your quality score, and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Clickalytic will gladly help set up a Google Adwords advertising campaign for you.  More importantly, we will manage it continually so that you get the best bang for your hard earned advertising buck.

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