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The First Loser in a Digital Marketing campaign

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Digital Marketing Wisdom

In a recent Digital Marketing campaign, I was reminded of my mama's special wisdom.  She used to say, 'Awww, Honey... You didn't come second, you were the first loser!' Well, maybe it wasn't my mom, maybe it was that Tannie with a drinking problem down the street. 

Some people feel the same way about being first on the list when it comes to positions on the list of Pay per click ads.  Your Digital Marketing campaign needs to ensure that your company is number one, at at the top of search results. At all times.  They insist that you have to set up your auction such that you are always number one, bugger the costs.  Being number two is not an option!

Optimum position in the displayed ads

It might be something you consider when your actual search position is somewhere on page 200 of the search results. And you desperately need to claw your way to page 1... and you have an unlimited budget.  For the rest of us budget constrained folk, settling for number two can sometimes pay off handsomely. Your ad still gets to be seen. You will definitely still get a nice share of the clicks, and this normally costs quite a bit less.  Finally, you might even be able to give Junior that nice present for Christmas.  Especially if he comes in as first loser - I mean second place - in his class at the end of the academic year.

It helps to have someone who knows what they are doing keep an eye on the Price Per Click and overall cost effectiveness of you digital marketing campaign for you.  We might be even to be a first loser for you.  Give us a call and see what we can do for your Digital Marketing campaigns.

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