Facebook online advertising can be inherently sexist

Facebook online advertising is sexist alleges court case

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Facebook online advertising targeting is inherently discriminatory. Facebook online job advertisements exclude women alleges court case In September a group of people filed charges against Facebook and other companies for discriminating against women. They claim that certain job advertisements exclusively target men and thereby exclude women from possible lucrative job opportunities. Several studies show that […]

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence in marketing: Nobody trolls like the Pope

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More creative advertising campaigns through Artificial Intelligence The dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being hyped to a large extent but the degree to which it will replace people is greatly exaggerated.  AI is already taking marketing effectiveness to the next level and if you are advertising on Google or Facebook you are already utilizing […]

graphical peacocking |unique graphical elements for your website

You need graphical peacocking

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Graphical peacocking is the use of outlandish or outrageous unique graphical elements on a website to attract the attention of visitors on the site and remain memorable after they have moved on. Let Clickalytic help you with your graphical peacocking. Every website needs some graphical peacocking Ever landed on a website and it feels like […]

Online advertising strategy for small business

Online advertising strategy for small businesses

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Online advertising strategy Any small business should have an integrated online advertising strategy covering several areas of attack.  As the online market can be very fractured and niche, you should be able to target several different audiences and communication channels. All marketing efforts should, however, still be integrated, coherent and consistent. Do not limit your […]