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Artificial Intelligence in marketing: Nobody trolls like the Pope

Artificial intelligence in digital marketing

More creative advertising campaigns through Artificial Intelligence

The dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are being hyped to a large extent but the degree to which it will replace people is greatly exaggerated.  AI is already taking marketing effectiveness to the next level and if you are advertising on Google or Facebook you are already utilizing the power of AI in the targeting of specific customers.

If you are a marketing creative, you should be very excited.  The arrival of more mature AI technologies is ushering in an era of even more creative advertising campaigns and deep connection with your customers.  It is opening up a massive number of marketing interaction opportunities and enhancing marketing campaigns that were not previously possible.  Your company can also benefit from AI in its advertising campaigns.

Pope Bot trolls twitter users

A recent campaign to launch the new HBO series The Young Pope is a prime example of the type of individual interaction possible on a massive scale using AI. French network Canal+ unleashed a Pope bot that trolled people with Bible verses.  It utilized the IBM AI technology Watson to create a social media listening tool to scan all the messages posted in real time on Facebook, Twitter (predominantly), Instagram, and Dailymotion.  When it discovered posts with “amoral” content, it responded in real time with highly relevant verses from the Bible.  It analysed millions of posts and sent hundreds of thousands replies.

Ways artificial intelligence is enhancing marketing

Of course, it is not necessary to run a campaign at this scale and similar technology is available to the average business to create their own campaigns at a fraction of the cost. You can readily use a more targeted and pared down approach to monitor specific Twitter hashtags and respond with interesting and relevant messages from any source (copyright allowing of course).  This will continually raise the profile of the business and massively increase the changes of messages going viral.  Messages can be text or could even consist of images created on the fly.  Facebook chat-bots for business interaction is becoming standard for customer facing interactions.

Where AI is unrivaled is in its optical processing and characterizing of visuals and massive opportunities have opened up here. It suffices to say that live streaming video can be monitored and when certain actions or images recognised, it can be acted upon by your marketing machine. It can be as simple as a customer showing your product to a camera and then learning more about that specific item, or be rewarded in some way with in store discounts. The main goal would be to foster brand recognition and loyalty by using individual and personalised interactions. The mood of the interactions can range from silly (change a customer face to your mascot), formal (supply technical information on products shown), aspirational (show customer what they would look like in or with your product). The number of ways to use this is only limited by your creativity. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Artificial Intelligence gives your marketing the edge

AI has become another arrow in the bow of the marketing creative allowing large scale bespoke advertising at creative levels only previously dreamed of.  You too can use Artificial Intelligence to take your marketing campaign to the next level. Talk to your friendly non-bot Clickalytic about AI ideas for your marketing campaign.