Your website is the public face of your business and it is important that it not only looks great, but that it works smoothly and brings you new customers. We will design a website around the specific needs of your business and that targets the customers you want to attract.


Use the latest technologies and strategies to make your online ad campaigns deliver on your investment. Let our experts setup and run your Google or Bing advertising campaigns for you . We perform the data analysis, A/B testing, key word optimization, and the day-to-day budget management to optimize the costs of acquiring new leads .


Search Engine Optimisation increases the visibility of a web page in a search engine’s organic, unpaid results. Search Engine Optimisation is an extremely cost effective way of advertising a website and provides exceptional return on investment.

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Landing page design

Design a landing page specific to your ad campaign and track how effective the campaign is.  Test different versions to maximize the conversion from click to customer.  Your ad money has never been spent more accurately.

Data Intelligence

Ad campaigns are dynamic.  Even with the best keyword research and initial selection, they require continuous analysis and tweaking.  Get the clients you want, and the clients that want you.  Don’t pay for clicks that won’t be converted to actionable business opportunities.  Best of all, you can add intelligence to that monthly ad spend.  Know who came to your site, why and whether they really presented an opportunity for a sale.


Pay per click campaign management

Pay per click internet marketing campaigns utilizing platforms such as Google Adwords can get you substantial targeted traffic results immediately.  Your ad is displayed along relevant search results and your campaign can be structured to target a specific market on a predetermined pay-as-you-go budget.  You only pay for actual traffic diverted to your site making this type of advertising flexible and affordable.  PPC is useful whether you are only starting out, running a special, or simply just want more people to see you. We make it easy for you.  We will set-up and run your once-off or ongoing campaigns for you.

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Pay per click advertising in Port Elizabeth - online marketing in PE


Live chat sales

Lower the friction for your visitors and turn them into customers.  Add live chat to your website so your sales team  can answer any questions and SELL to customers that are live on your website.


If you don’t have a logo or an overall brand already, we can help you come up with stunning designs for those too.

Facebook Marketing

Social media platforms are great places to market and promote your business as they can drive large amounts of traffic to your site.  We can help you to ensure that your brand is consistently presented across Facebook and Twitter.  We will run pay per click advertising campaigns on Facebook for you.


The modern marketplace is crowded and competition is fierce.  At Clickalytic we know that your business needs every competitive advantage to stand out and be trusted online.  We keep your business up to date with the latest in rapidly evolving online advertising technologies to give you the edge over your competition.  Our customized services will provide your business with cost effective advertising options to reach your specified target market, leading to increased sales a lowered cost.

If you feel your business is disappearing in the millions of web searches performed every day and you need to do something to reach potential customers, then you have come to the right place. We can give your business the tools and expertise it needs to effectively advertise online and expand your customer base.  Whether you are big or small, you deserve a professional online presence and an impactful online advertising service.  Try us, we never turn down a challenge.


Sleuth Detectives

Clickalytic designed my mobile friendly site and has been running my Google Adwords campaign successfully for years.   My overall marketing costs have come down significantly and people love my website experience.  I only advertise online now.

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Dave Miller dave@sleuthsa.co.za


Let’s talk about your business and see if we’re a good fit for your digital marketing needs. Reach out below and we’ll schedule you in a no obligation consultation.


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